10 Tips on How to Write a Good CV

The most important thing in securing a job is to produce an attractive CV. Writing a good CV is an art one has to learn. How to write a good CV that could impress your would be employer? This is what this article is all about. I will give you 10 important points on writing a good CV

Career Opportunities at PricewaterhouseCooper (PwC), Wednesday 7, March 2018

PricewaterhouseCooper (PwC) – Our client serves the largest economy in Africa, and is championing the development of Africa’s financial markets. The Company offers listing and trading services, licensing services, market data solutions, ancillary technology services, and more. It is an open, professional and vibrant company, connecting Nigeria, Africa and the world.


The Head, Trading Business Division will be responsible for Identifying opportunities to increase order flow across all asset classes listed and making decisions to enhance trading velocity, total value traded, as well as what tradable products to offer in the market.
This role reports to the CEO and is also a part of the Executive Management Team. The job holder will be required to have a strong Trading/Sales trading experience and be able to interact with foreign portfolio investors, domestic retail and institutional investors.

Monitors and responds to market and economic trends to drive trading activities
Utilizes trading metrics and statistical data to identify areas to increase profitability and improve performance
Develops and manages strong relationships with foreign and domestic institutional portfolio investors
Develops new products in addition to Equities, ETPs, Bonds, REITS, etc. that already exist, formulates and implements product policies and initiatives
Manages overall Profit and Loss (P & L) portfolio for trading efforts across product lines; Market services products (market data, Xnet hosting services, etc.), and market operations income generating activities
Articulates and provides strategic direction for the Trading business
Maintains client relationships and continuously enhances the client experience, building rapport with customers and growing positive working relationships
Reviews and approves market structure, on-line trading programs, and reviews trading systems to improve the Company’s service offering
Ensures client enquiries about their positions, statements, issues with trading and payment platforms are attended to promptly
Determines commercial strategy for Trade lines of business; managing product life-cycles and product positioning in the marketplace
Drives all go-to-market activities that are necessary to achieve client adoption or retention goals, including customer on-boarding, support planning, pre- and post-sales training, and marketing collateral development
Manages overall Profit and Loss (P & L) portfolio for listing efforts for Federal Government Bonds, ETFs and Derivatives.
Develops the required Key Performance Indicator’s for the Trading Business Division to ensure the delivery of first class service
Develops annual and quarterly budgeting for the Business Division
Manages the team to achieve the set goals of the trading business in line with corporate strategy

Minimum of Bachelor’s Degree in Business or a related field with 13-15 years’ industry experience and as least 7 – 10 years senior management experience.
Professional certification and active membership of the Chartered Institute of Stock Brokers (CIS) or similar certifications (such as FINRA Series and CISI)
Extensive experience in Stock, Bond, or Derivatives Trading/Sales
Experience In investment Banking
Experience with electronic trading systems/platforms
Demonstrated experience in brokerage/dealer relations/buy side relations
Demonstrated understanding of market microstructure and drivers of order flow


The Head, Enterprise Innovation Hub is responsible for overseeing the identification, research and evaluation of new services and product prospects.
The role also ensures the availability of data and Insights for validating and articulating the company’s business strategy, competitive focus and growth plans.

Coordinates the collection and analysis of data on trends and developments in the Nigerian economy and business environment to enable leadership make informed business decisions on investments, new services and products, operational and growth plans
Conducts research, financial modelling & analysis, and prepares presentations to assist in the evaluation and execution of new business or investment opportunities in line with business strategies
Conducts preliminary reviews of new products and services via feasibility studies and market assessments in line with internal requirements of the Company and external market demand, including market research and global and regional benchmark
Improves and promotes market awareness of new products and services introduced by the Company to the market through workshops, training and forums
Leverages financial technology so ensure the Company remains current, relevant and competitive
Performs market, industry and competitive analysis and surveillance for management’s use as input in corporate planning
Partners with stakeholders during strategy formulation to ensure strategic recommendations and analyses are thoroughly vetted
Supports ad-hoc strategic or organizational development projects as necessary
Identifies trends, communicates observations and provides recommendations-for cost and margin improvements
Generates ideas to position trading services and products competitively and attractively in the market

Bachelor’s degree in Finance, Mathematics, Statistics, Economics, Computer Science or any relevant discipline
MSc. in relevant field or an MBA is an added advantage
Thorough knowledge of financial/capital markets
Minimum of 10 years work experience in Strategy and Corporate Planning, Product/Business Development and/or Business Consulting
Innovation hub / incubator experience
Ability to translate large amounts of data (‘big data’) into insights


This role will run the SOE department. It aims to increase the number of State owned enterprises listed by building ongoing customer relationships with Federal and State governments,: targeting privatization of SOE Federal, State and Local Government levels, identifying new business opportunities for government to incubate and eventually privatize, and maintaining an extensive knowledge of Public Private Partnership arrangements, as well as NSE’s products and service offerings.

Drives growth of listed State Owned Enterprises (SOEs). Working with top management to map out business development strategies and implementing plans to exceed targets
Develops relationships with key stakeholders, public sector organisations, raising awareness of product ranges offered by the Company
Identifies market opportunities for new products and solutions, builds a business case, and champions through the product development process in support of driving listing of SOEs
Establishes criteria for screening new business Ideas and opportunities
Acts as a trusted advisor and integral contributor to the planning processes of public sector clients by thoroughly understanding their respective business objectives
Consults with customers to understand their requirements and to align services and needs accordingly
Facilitates transactions that help secure bids for states
Supports in the delivery of financial objectives by growing clientele base and revenue
Maintains comprehensive product and industry knowledge
Represents the company at marketing events, networking events, meetings with prospects or partners
Maintains strong positive relationships with all customers and guaranties top-notch experience
Ensures adherence and compliance with risk and regulatory requirements
Develops a clear understanding of the competitive landscape and executes an appropriate strategy for the purpose of remaining relevant in the marketplace
Reviews proposals to be presented to the prospective clients
Manages the performance of employees within the business unit

Bachelor’s degree in Finance, Business, Economics or Marketing
Membership/certification of Chartered Institute of Stock Brokers (CIS) or equivalent is an added benefit
MSc. in related field or MBA is an added advantage
Minimum of 10 years in Sales, Business Development. Business Consulting and/or Account management experience
Thorough knowledge of financial/capital markets Experience with the government/public sector and managing key stakeholders
Detailed knowledge of product development life cycle


The Head, Regulatory Technology will be responsible for overseeing the provision of regulatory services to the broker-dealer community and other entitles within and outside the capital market that may require some form of regulatory technology services.
The individual is expected to leverage leading technologies in the marketplace to enhance regulatory processes.
This role reports to the ED Regulation.
The Company needs an industry professional with a strong personality and good people management skills. The Individual would be required to have a thorough knowledge and understanding of Capital Market laws, and potential technology solutions.

Drives the business of regulatory technology services through the use of technology-based solutions to solve regulatory and supervisory challenges to entities such as Self-Regulatory Organizations (SRO), reporting portal services etc.
Identifies entities and clients that require the use of regulatory technology to discharge obligations and enhance operations
Use available data and develops data and analysis analytic capabilities to improve the quality of information and insights about regulatory responsibilities and compliance in order to develop products or services to enhance regulations
Promotes innovation through identification of technology that will help the Company manage regulatory requirements
Identifies risks, analyses data and generates reports that can improve regulatory performance
Monitors regulatory and legal developments, identifies potential impact and raises awareness to ensure timely action to address issuers
Provides leadership in identifying local and global regulatory requirements and familiar with methods deployed in other jurisdictions to engender compliance
Manages the performance of and provides career development support to all Regulatory Technology staff.

A Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting, Law, or Computer Science or equivalent
7-10 years’ industry experience and at least 3-5 years in management role,
Compliance/regulatory experience in the financial industry
Familiarity with Fintech or Regtech. systems will be an advantage


The Head, Listing Business Division will be responsible for all primary listing efforts of the Company, the Branch Network, and the listing of State Owned Enterprises.
This role reports to the CEO and is also a part of the Executive Management Team.
The ideal candidate will be a Capital Market industry professional with an understanding of the Primary Market, experience working with Issuing Houses and strong relationship management skills.

Owns and drives the marketing strategy to attract new companies, Corporate bonds, and other corporate financing instruments to be listed
Retains and maintains the relationship with existing listed companies to achieve the targeted market capitalisation
Prepares Dual-Listing agreements with regional and international exchanges
Builds and maintains strategic partnerships with the Federal and State Governments to attract State Owned Enterprises to be listed
Manages overall Profit and Loss (P & L) portfolio for listing efforts across equities, corporate bonds, and related products
Develops the required Key Performance Indicators for the Listings Business Division to ensure the delivery of first class service
Develops and implements strategies for advocacy and engagement to drive listing efforts across International and Domestic Enterprises
Manages annual and quarterly budgeting for the division and oversees the same for reporting departments (Primary Markets, Branch Network, State Owed Enterprises)
Loads and manages team to achieve the listing target of the company Ensures that the branch network is efficiently and profitably run

A Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting, Finance, Economics, Statistics, Law or related fields
A Master’s degree or MBA is an added advantage
Professional certification and/or active membership of the Chartered Institute of Stock Brokers (CIS)
Minimum of 10-15 years’ industry experience and at least 5-7 years in senior management position
Experience working with Issuing Houses
Experience in sourcing bonds/ companies Experience in investment banking is highly desirable

Applicants should send their CV’s to: client.recruitment@ng.pwc.com stating the “Job Title” as the subject of the email

Note: Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

DUE DATE: 27 March, 2018

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