10 Tips on How to Write a Good CV

The most important thing in securing a job is to produce an attractive CV. Writing a good CV is an art one has to learn. How to write a good CV that could impress your would be employer? This is what this article is all about. I will give you 10 important points on writing a good CV

Changing From Ineptitude to Aptitude With Time Tracking

Implementing a time tracker will make you look like the smartest person on the planet. I'd trade the best punch clock in the industry for the time tracking software in a heartbeat. Not only will you move your company into the 21st century, you'll output less energy doing it.

You see, an automated time tracking tool allows you to clock in and clock out in real time from anywhere, anytime. It functions on iPhones, smartphones, even phones with a texting feature. If those are not available (You DO remember we're working on reducing / eliminating ineptitude here, right?), A simple phone call to clock in / out works, too. One click starts the clock and one click stops it.

When it's capability and not incompetence you're looking for, you can eliminate punch clocks and paper timesheets. No longer will you have to add decimals and subtract fractions of hours. Resolve to empty those cumbersome file cabinets that require constant attention and updating. With little more than your smart phone, cell phone, and a computer, you and your entire staff have the ability to manage your time rather than the other way around.

A mobile-based, cloud-computing time tracking application takes the guesswork out of all those holidays and time off. It manages PTO and vacation time too. And if overtime is an issue for your company (still talking ineptitude), time tracking software controls overages with proactive tools to monitor employees and make notifications before expensive overtime starts.

For just a few bucks a month, there's a minimal amount of setup and training and you'll watch your company save thousands of dollars a year. Because, as your staff moves from a sluggish pace to a highly functioning organization, everyone will take pride in their workplace. Once wasteful and tedious paper timesheets are eliminated, you'll see a marked reduction in reporting errors and your new time tracker will generate reports and invoices your staff labored over for hours.

In addition, to tracking hours, any time tracking app will also help with time management. As soon as an employee accesses her online timesheet, a to-do list is spelled out right there in front of her. No more guesswork on how an employee will fill their day. They have the information in hand. And since they are clocking in and out in real time, you'll know where they are and what they're doing. Their work will be more focused resulting in more productivity. It's also designed to send alerts to employees, managers, and accounting administrators via email, twitter, or text messaging should you need to distribute important information at any time.

It's a win-win for any company. No longer do staff members feel inept about their job performance and you gain confidence in what they are doing all day every day. Ineptitude? It can be minimized, even eliminated. Put time tracking software on the payroll and celebrate aptitude and efficiency.

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