Curriculum Vitae

The purpose of a CV is to outline your credentials, highlighting the very best you have to offer. A well-designed CV could determine whether you are granted an interview. See your CV as a marketing tool! A comprehensive resume is carefully planned and should be formatted meticulously whilst paying attention to detail.

When applying for a specific job, ensure that your skills are applicable to the job you are applying for. For instance, do not apply for a job related to customer service if you do not enjoy working with people and have no previous experience in the customer service industry. Always be honest and never enter false information into your CV in an attempt to gain an interview.

Be conservative when designing a CV, use an “easy to read” font and do not use many colours. If you do not have access to a computer, it is advisable to request a company to design it for you. Read the job advertisement carefully and follow all instructions required.

Weaknesses in your CV will more than likely be identified, so be prepared to address them if they are mentioned. This could include issues such as lack of experience, short periods of employment or little personal achievement.

Ensure that you attach all the documentation required as stated on the job vacancy advertisement.

Your CV should be accompanied by a cover letter. A cover letter will assist an employer in identifying key points about you. It should be used to get the attention of the hiring authority in an effort to being granted an interview. A cover letter could tell the employer how well you would fit the role of the position you are applying for as well as to display your ability to correspond effectively.

Ensure that you have not made any spelling errors; you do not want to be overlooked just because you spelt a word incorrectly (The applicants name is often misspelt on their CV). Ask family and friends to look through the completed product to ensure that details are correct.

The cover letter should be precise and to the point and should not exceed one page. The first few paragraphs are the most important so be sure to grab their attention!

If the submission requirement is not specific, submit both a hard copy as well as an online CV.

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