Jobs at Opera Software Nigeria, Wednesday 21, November 2018

Opera Software crafts products and services that connect millions of people to the internet. The biggest operators around the world choose to work with us to give their customers the best web experience. Our mobile advertising platform enables publishers to monetize their content and allows brands to reach millions of consumers.

We strive to develop superior products and services for our users around the world, through state-of-the-art technology, innovation, leadership and partnerships.


Opera, a well-known international company with a glorious history, is creating a new content business – Opera News. We invite you to join our growing writing team to serve quality contents to hundreds of millions of users!

Active on social media, with insight into hot events and trends, like sharing and commenting.
Enthusiastic about reading news (politics, entertainment, sports, etc.) or non-news (lifestyle, health, funny, anecdotes, etc.), knowledgeable in one or more areas, has independent judgments and ideas on events, people, opinions, etc.
Excellent writing skills in the above fields.
Work enthusiasm, can withstand great pressure, has teamwork ability.


Responsible for personnel recruitment, assessment, and compensation.
Improves on the rules and regulations of the company.
Responsible for partial administrative and financial work.

Has at least 3 years of HR manager experience (especially in media and new media sphere), understands the HR market, familiar with the recruitment process and policies of government, and has strong business capabilities.
Familiar with contract preparation, salary negotiation, personnel assessment, etc.
Familiar with the rules and regulations of companies.
Work enthusiasm, can withstand great pressure, has teamwork ability.

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Operation Supervisor – Transfer Africa
HR Manager
Note: If you apply, please attach your works (links of articles).

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