10 Tips on How to Write a Good CV

The most important thing in securing a job is to produce an attractive CV. Writing a good CV is an art one has to learn. How to write a good CV that could impress your would be employer? This is what this article is all about. I will give you 10 important points on writing a good CV

Latest Vacancies at SABmiller Plc, Thursday 8, March 2018

SABMiller is in the beer and soft drinks business, bringing refreshment and sociability to millions of people all over the world who enjoy our drinks. We do business in a way that improves livelihoods and helps build communities. We are passionate about brewing and have a long tradition of craftsmanship, making superb beer from high quality natural ingredients.



Amongst other duties, the job holder will;
Implement Business security policies as formulated by management
Ensure that a report on the security situation in standard format is submitted monthly to Management.
Draft policies and procedures for approval by management and make changes where necessary
Provide input and advice where necessary for the development, review and updating of the security element of contingency plans.
Control the functions of all security escort team personnel, employees and contractors so as to provide a properly coordinated and cost effective service.
Supervise the activities of the contract security personnel
Manage the business relationship between the Security Department and contractors
Liaise with other departments concerning all Sagamu Plant security issues
Intervene in all emergency cases to mitigate damage/loss of company employees and property
Provide effective security cover for all company special events
Investigate, gather and interpret intelligence reports and implement appropriate measures.
To establish an effective liaison with outside agencies like police etc.

The occupant of this position should possess:

Preferably a Degree in the Humanities, Social Sciences or Arts.
Minimu of 5 years previous security supervisory experience
Sufficient IT knowledge /skills to generate, operate and run reports
Excellent inter-personal and leadership skills.
Computer literacy is an advantage

Exhibits a high level of initiative, confidentiality and commitment
Has strong people skills
Membership of Security Groups and Networks
A high level of decision making, objectivity, creativity and integrity
Ability to adapt to changes quickly.
Ability to deal with complexity


Amongst other duties, the job holder will;

All stock and shipment packs filed as per ABI requirements
Check that all T1 shipment packs are correct and complete; Check that all T1 Movement Notes are correct and complete; Check all T1 and T2 Gate Registers to physical documents and final load plan
Assist with credit queries; Route settlement corrections
Process customer and driver corrections as required
Assign variance reasons to all driver and customer corrections
Check all RSC invoices have been recorded in register and sent to customers for signatures
Track and resolve missing and unsigned invoices within the specified timeframe
Routine Administration:
Capture missing broken and foreign survey data
Print beer age concessions and attach to shipments that are received out of specification
Capture fuel usage; Raise purchase orders; Ensure all invoice queries are resolved
Reporting on missing documents and errors found governance; Ensure that documentation is controlled as per audit and SAR Box requirements
Ensure that inventory management principles and policies are applied
Stock take procedures:
Carry out inventory counts as prescribed in company policies and procedures
Generate stock variance reports daily
Issuing and receiving stock
Assist with issuing and receiving of T1 and T2 distribution shipments on ERP when required

The occupant of this position should possess:

Relevant tertiary degree or diploma, preferably in Stock Control / Management or related field
Have 2-3 years’ experience in a Stock Control environment
Excellent knowledge of Stock Control processes
Good MS Office proficiency
Sound knowledge of the ERP system in use

Problem solving ability and have attention to detail
Good interpersonal skills and good team player
Good verbal ability and communication skills
Ability to manage self
Have the ability to work independently
Good customer ethics and interpersonal skills


Amongst other duties, the job holder will;

Fleet Maintenance Planning and Implementation:
Understand vehicle-specific maintenance and service requirements for all vehicle categories (trucks, trailers, forklifts and warehouse cleaning equipment)
Develop and manage the depot preventative maintenance plan and schedule and adhere stringently to schedules for all vehicle categories to ensure the fleet is continuously maintained and available for optimal uptime.
Monitor utilisation of leased vehicles according to contracted mileage for optimum asset and financial return.
Manage depot fleet ad hoc maintenance and analyse data for reasons for unscheduled maintenance required, to identify potential trends, and where applicable, to take corrective action
Fleet Master Data:
Continuously provide current and accurate depot fleet data and information for capture on SAP Fleet Master Data;
Master data governed by defined standards and applied uniformly across all fleet vehicle categories.
Conduct fleet audits bi-annually with the Fleet Manager to verify correct use of fleet administrative processes and activation mechanisms, and assist in ensuring accuracy of Fleet Master Data
Fleet safety, health and environmental (SHE) compliance:
Maintain ongoing communication with depot management and fleet suppliers on fleet SHE issues to ensure their resolution and future non-occurrence
Provide guidance and coaching to fleet suppliers and their staff members on the implementation of fleet SHE management at depots.
Fleet Expenditure Against the Budget:
Manage compliance with the Procurement to Payment Policy (PTP)
Explore cost control opportunities to reduce spend i.e. innovations and price negotiations
Engage with suppliers to always obtain best possible prices / rates
Qualifying and improving the fleet pillar:
Engage with the DC regarding their DPO dream by supporting the implementation the Fleet pillar.
Representation during milestone audits will be necessary to support the DC’s DPO dream
Fleet Reporting:
Submit monthly kpi data as per requirement by the 5th of each month to DSD: vehicle uptime and utilisation statistics, breakdown analysis and preventative measures to be taken, consumption statistics by vehicle and corrective action to be applied, etc.
Assist with data requests from internal and or external customers.
Daily management of Vehicle Condition Control Report

The occupant of this position should possess:
Relevant bachelor’s degree, preferably in Supply Chain and/or Logistics or related field
Minimum of 3 years’ functional work experience
Good performance track record
Advanced proficiency in Microsoft Office, Word

Key competencies and attributes:
High levels of integrity and honesty
Strong self-management qualities
Good analytical and problem solving ability
Attention to detail regarding the DPO Fleet pillar handbook
Ability to work under pressure
Demonstrate initiative
Good interpersonal skills
Good verbal ability and communication skills
Ability to adopt to change – resilient
Demonstrate appropriate levels of assertiveness
Good negotiation skills
Open systems thinking that generates breakthrough ideas that support the safety, quality, productivity and efficiency of fleet


Reference Number: ABI072


Amongst other duties, the job holder will;

Uphold AB Inbev safety standards:
Adherance to AB Inbev Safety Policy
Implement and adhere to DPO & VPO driver safety requirements
Compliance to road rules and legislation
Contnious improvement of safety performance
Ad herance to ABinbev DPO safety standards:
Ad herance to delivery SOP
Manage fuel
Green band driving ad herance
Complete vehicle pre and post trip inspection
Checks number of goods for deliver and plans and instructs crew on sequence of product to be packed
Completes log sheets as required:
Checks customer storeroom for allocation of space for delivery.
Instructs crew on sequence to offload and supervises offloading process.
Reports complaints or difficulties experienced to Supervisor.
Accepts cheques/cash as specified on invoice.
Counts empties before loading.
Reads and records kilometres and hands to appropriate person.
Ensures delivery invoices are properly completed and hands to appropriate person
Follow routes as determined by planner


The occupant of this position should possess:

Minimum of an S.S.C.E
Valid driver license to drive Heavy Duty vehicle

Key competencies and attributes:
Excellent driving skills with good eyesight
Numeracy and literacy skills
Communication skills (verbal and written) with ability to handle customer queries, liaison
Ability to use electronic equipment

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