Why a Good Resume Is Important

People are finding out that they have more opportunities now. If you are one of those seeking to take advantage of this situation in order to find work, then it is important that you present yourself in the best way possible. Traditionally, one of the ways of creating a good impression is through a well-written resume. But there are some people who believe that the importance of a good resume is overestimated.

Top Tips for Persuasive Writing

Persuasive writing is an incredibly useful skill in business, and one that can help anyone to increase their salary or the success of their business ventures. The most obvious use of persuasive writing for business is of course for a sales script, and if you can make anything sound like it's an amazing purchase and exactly what your customers need – well then you can sell an awful lot of products and make a lot of money.

But at the same time persuasive writing can be useful in a range of other situations. If you are writing e-mails to clients for instance and you want them to start using one of your other services with a higher profit margin – persuasive writing will help a great deal. Likewise if you are applying for a job, then when you write your covering letter and your CV itself, those too will be essentially forms of persuasive writing. If you have the ability, then you can make yourself sound like the perfect candidate for any job, even if you're technically lacking the qualifications or experience.

Here then we will look at some quick tips that can help your persuasive writing and increase your ability to draw in a reader, show them why they should care about what you have to say and then get them to agree with that.

Catch Attention

The first and most important tip is to capture the attention of your readers as quickly as you can. This means you should use a bold statement, sometimes capitals and you should address the reader directly.

'Now YOU Can Get the Body You Want'

Works much better than

'a quick workout for burning fat'

Personal Interest

Addressing the reader directly is particularly useful because we have evolved to pay attention to things that we think concern us. At the same time though you should also take this further by thinking of more ways that you can make your text personal. In particular, this means using a personal interest story – explaining how your product works by saying how it has helped someone else, or even you. This works much better because it means that the reader will be able to imagine how it is going to affect their life, and because they'll be more likely to connect with what you're offering on an emotional level.

Addressing Concerns

When someone reads your text they are going to know you're trying to persuade them and so be on the defensive. They're that being thinking of all the reasons that what you're saying probably is not true, but you can combat this by addressing each concern in your text. Try and second guess what the reader might be thinking and then explain why this need not be a concern. If it's a CV you're worried about, then try to give examples of the things your skills and experience are useful for, and why you're better than the other candidates.

Tailor Your Text

You should also make sure to tailor your pros for your audience. This means having more than one landing page if you're selling a product online, more than one version of your product packaging to sell in different stores and more than one CV for different jobs.

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