CONSULTANCY FOR BRIQUESTTES MARKETING SURVEY (including study and completion report) PR/2022/NGA/0364

Country: Nigeria
Organization: Norwegian Church Aid
Closing date: 27 Jul 2022

Norwegian Church Aid (‘NCA’) is a member of the ACT Alliance and we provide emergency assistance in disasters, work for long-term development in local communities and address the root causes of poverty, we advocatefor just decisions by public authorities, business and religious leaders.

Norwegian Church Aid is an ecumenical diaconal organisation for global justice. We work to help the poorest and those in need, regardless of their creed, race, political or religious affiliation.

NCA has a presence in Nigeria to respond to the Humanitarian crisis in Northeast Nigeria. NCA has its core competencies in Gender Based Violence and Water Sanitation and Hygiene. NCA has its strengths in works and invest in local partners and ensures their capacities are built from the onset of response, to enable them to have the capacity to respond in a long-term intervention including recovery and development.


Marketing choices should be made in line with the humanitarian context in Maiduguri. Focus on the current situation and projections for the future. State the objectives arising from the analysis and the associated strategy

  1. Market analysis

This section presents a summary of the analyses carried out on the local market for different types of domestic fuel and the competitive environment. The information collected is used to develop a SWOT analysis (strengths – weaknesses – opportunities – threats) of the briquettes marketing

Definition of Objective and strategy

This point links the analysis of the situation with the decisions to be taken to exploit the opportunities and reduce the threats around the briquette marketing.

Setting marketing objectives:

The chosen marketing objectives should be explained and detailed. Their relevance must be demonstrated in the light of the marketing analysis. They are quantified and meet the best practice criteria set out in the SMART acronym: simple, measurable, ambitious, realistic, time bound.

Developing the strategy:

This is the second key stage of the marketing plan. The strategy explains how to achieve its objectives.

The segmentation, i.e. the vision of the market, will be detailed here. It will explain how to address the marketing strategy to the target population. The choices must be justified and documented.


This operational part is often structured in the form of the 4 P:

  • Product:

Actions taken on the offer: structuring of the range, new products, additional services, etc.

  • Price:

The pricing policy for briquettes. For example, offer preferential rates to certain target markets. Conduct a price study in comparison with other types of fuel commonly used by households and define the sales costs of briquettes to draw up a profitability table for the autonomous operation of the briquette plant and their sales.

  • Promotion:

Definition of the communication vectors selected and the means of promotion to reach the target and get the message across.

  • Place:

The distribution networks operated or to be set up.

The marketing action plan will be more a question of associating a commercial action plan defining the objectives, actions and commercial means. It will be accompanied by a communication plan and a budget envelope defined to ensure the financing of the operation as well as the other resources necessary for the proper execution of the marketing plan (human resources, equipment, etc.).


The actions of the marketing plan will be programmed and planned over time. This will help to steer and synchronise the sequence of actions where dependencies exist between them. To analyse the evolution of our action plan and draw lessons learned.

How to apply

Mandatory Requirements

  • Bachelors degree in Marketing, Engineering or related discipline in a recognized institution.
  • Minimum of 2 years experience in Marketing of products and services preferably in North Eastern part of Nigeria.
  • Valid means of identification and functional bank account details.

Other Submissions

Detailed CV of applicant with relevant experience.

Financial offer/ service fee.

Proposed approach with timelines (work plan).

Method of Application

All offers, in English language only, must be delivered to the office mentioned below or sent via email on or before 17:00 hrs Nigerian Time, 27th July, 2022****. Late bids will be rejected. Applicants with questions regarding this tender should send then in writing (fax or email) up to 20th July, 2022.

Office Address: No 135, Mandara Street, Off gombole Road, Old GRA, Maiduguri, Borno State.

[email protected]

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