Consultant – Models of Referral and Emergency Transport Systems at Palladium International Development Nigeria Limited – 5 Openings

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We are recruiting to fill the position below:

Job Title: Consultant for Documenting Models of Referral and Emergency Transport Systems

Subject RFP #: TO3 / TO4 / TO5 / TO6 / TO7 / 217727 / Consultancy / Fixed Price Contract-2020-0006

Locations: Sokoto, Bauchi, Kebbi, Ebonyi and FCT

Terms of Reference / Specifications: Consultancy services for technical support in documenting Models of referral and emergency transport systems identified, lessons and recommendations for Bauchi (See SoW attached)

Project: Integrated Health Program, Bauchi, FCT, Kebbi, Ebonyi and Sokoto State Activities


  • IHP works closely with state government in Bauchi, Kebbi, Sokoto, Ebonyi States and the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) to support established health and development plans, build capacity and ensure ownership of interventions, systems and results.

Type of Contract:

  • This is a firm fixed price deliverable-based contract. The consultant is expected to satisfactorily accomplish the deliverables before he/she gets paid for that deliverable.
  • The IHP Chief of Party reserves the right to confirm if a deliverable is delivered adequately or otherwise. No price change is expected after contract is signed. IHP will not pay for cost of any deliverable that is not complete, of quality or on time.

Anticipated Contract Term:

  • The anticipated performance period for the consultancy is April 19 to April 27, 2021. As a firm fixed price consultancy based on deliverables, Palladium will only pay for deliverables that have met the standards and expectations of the program and which is also delivered within assigned timelines.


  • The Integrated Health Program (IHP) is a USAID-funded five-year project with a mandate to improve health systems, improve access to and increase quality of primary health care in designated states (Sokoto, Bauchi, Kebbi, Ebonyi and FCT State Office).
  • IHP aims to improve the enabling environment for equitable and sustainable health services, supplies, and delivery systems through policy development and implementation, with an emphasis on voluntary, rights-based health programs. IHP will help public health and policy leaders attach higher priority to their national and sub-national health needs, secure sustainable financing, advance health equity, and monitor policy implementation to ensure gains stay on track.
  • IHP aims to secure long-term enduring change by working with coalitions both inside and outside of health and showing common cause with neglected populations and other development actors. Central elements of IHP revolve around building in country capacity, institutionalizing achievements of past investments, and promoting country ownership of programs and initiatives.


  • Applications are expected to be submitted on or before the due date as shown on the front page of this RFP.
  • Palladium will set up an evaluation committee who will meet to review all applications received within two weeks after the application period has closed. Top candidates may further be invited for an interview by the evaluation committee which will be conducted a week after the first evaluation. Depending on availability of the members of the evaluation committee and the exigences of the program, evaluation may be conducted at times which may be shorter or longer than stated here.
  • Palladium will most likely issue the contract to the successful contractor from this process within 30 to 60 days after submission but reserves the right to adjust the timelines to suit program implementation plan. Palladium’s ability to issue such contracts may be contingent upon USAID approval and when donor approval is required, timelines for contract award may be longer than stated. Palladium hopes that the services to be rendered on this consultancy is planned to commence on April 19, 2021.


  • State Ministry of Health (SMOH), State Primary Health Care Development Agency (SPHCDA) in Bauchi, Kebbi, FCT, Ebonyi and Sokoto States, Bauchi State Agency for the Control of Tuberculosis, Malaria and HIV/AIDS (BACATMA), Hospital Management Board (HMB), Local Government Health Authority (LGHA) and Integrated Health Program (IHP).


An effective referral system ensures a close relationship between all levels of the health system and helps to ensure people receive the best possible care closest to home. It also assists in making cost-effective use of hospitals and primary health care services. A good referral system can help to ensure:

  • Clients receive optimal care at the appropriate level and not unnecessarily costly
  • Hospital facilities are used optimally and cost-effectively
  • Clients who most need specialist services can access them in a timely way
  • Primary health services are well utilized.

A number of previous donor funded programs have tried to address the challenges by piloting Emergency Transport Schemes (ETS) to ensure that women and Children had access to dependable free transportation to health facilities in times of emergency. However, in each case when these programs ended, emergency transport schemes declined rapidly and mostly became completely dormant. The strong focus is on creating a more sustainable approach that was firmly embedded in existing social and community structures.

In view of the foregoing, IHP is soliciting the services of one experienced Consultant who will provide technical support to FCT, Bauchi, Ebonyi, Kebbi, Sokoto States in documenting Models of referral and emergency transport systems identifiable in the States, lessons and recommendations.


  • In fiscal year 2020/2021, IHP in FCT, Bauchi, Ebonyi, Kebbi, Sokoto States will provide technical assistance to PHC teams, LGHAs, and secondary hospitals to improve functionality of referral systems through the Consultant.
  • IHP will use quality improvement processes to analyze the referral system, test solutions to remove barriers. IHP will work to strengthen and expand existing emergency transport schemes through capacity building.
  • Emergency transport would address transport for all emergency danger signs, particularly during pregnancy, intrapartum, the post-natal/newborn period and for child survival emergencies including severe and life-threatening cases of pneumonia, fever, diarrhea and malnutrition.

Roles and Responsibilities

In collaboration and consultation with IHP’s field and HQ experts, undertake the following activities:


  • The consultant will serve as a lead in providing technical assistance to the SMOH and its agencies to explore models to strengthen and expand existing emergency transport schemes and document the lessons learnt and recommendations.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Review existing emergency transport services in the States.
  • Conduct a desk review of existing relevant policies, guidelines, programs and referral services in the States
  • Conduct a 2-day technical consultation in collaboration with relevant MDAs on referral and emergency transport scheme in FCT, Bauchi, Ebonyi, Kebbi, Sokoto States to learn what models exist that are working and to make recommendations to review the referral and emergency transport guidelines.
  • Document the identified models of emergency transport scheme, lessons and recommendations for sustainable ETS.
  • Develop a model ETS for scale up that aligns with existing systems and National programs and recommendation
  • Write and submit the technical report of all processes to IHP
  • The scope of this consultancy will be establishing referral with special emphasis on establishing a functional Emergency Transport Scheme (ETS). The specific tasks are tabulated below:

Among other things, the consultant will deliver the following:

  • Documented findings on existing referral documents and emergency transport services in use in FCT, Bauchi, Ebonyi, Kebbi, Sokoto States
  • Document the identified models of emergency transport scheme, lessons and recommendations for a sustainable ETS scale up in the States
  • Model ETS design for scale up in the States

Eligibility Requirements

  • Minimum of 5 years’ experience in development and or review of health care service provider’s programs, policies and guidelines.
  • A good understanding of the Nigerian Primary Health Care system
  • Demonstrated experience in facilitating community participatory development processes.
  • Experience in working with low literacy communities especially in low resource settings
  • Fluency in English and the local language (spoken and written);
  • Ability to produce high quality work under tight timeframes.
  • Ability to establish a good working relationship with State stakeholders and integrate feedback as required.
  • Excellent skills in documentation and reporting
  • Experience carrying out similar assignments in Nigeria particularly at the sub-national levels.
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office packages.

Required Technical Competencies:

  • Familiar with results-based management.
  • Knowledgeable of change theories and health system approaches
  • Proven success in capacity building through coaching and mentoring.
  • Strong and proven English writing skills with experience writing government policy documents, guidelines, etc.)
  • Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Ability to engage and manage strategic stakeholders including government, implementing partners, academia and private sector
  • Excellent communication skills (negotiation, moderation, representation, presentation and writing/documentation).

Required Skills:

  • Analytical skills
  • Leadership and coaching skills
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Good communication skills (negotiation, moderation, representation, presentation of results)
  • Strong oral and writing skills in English.

Due Diligence Requirements:

  • Palladium conducts a due diligence search as part of our partner vetting and selection process. Please see Attachment A for a sample of the due diligence form.
  • Any individual or Company must complete Due Diligence Questionnaire if selected for Award within 5 days (See Attachment A for the Due Diligence Questionnaire).

Restrictions for debarred or otherwise prohibited companies:

  • As a USAID funded project, IHP does not partner with any debarred individuals or companies. Therefore, candidates and companies will be subjected to the approved systems of search which Palladium uses for vetting and certifying that potential contractors are not debarred.

Availability of Specific Registrations or Licenses to perform the Service:

  • For Companies Application, contractors are required to submit their certificates of incorporation and any other industry certificates which enables them to operate in Nigeria and in the industry of this SOW.
  • The Company must have a DUNS number or obtain one within 5 days of being notified of selection (see Attachment C for instructions for obtaining DUNS number).

Evaluation and Award Process

This is a Best Value Procurement. Palladium uses “Best value” to select the most advantageous offer by evaluating and comparing factors in addition to cost or price. Decision is taken by the evaluation team by considering the cost and non-cost evaluation factors with the intent of awarding to the contractor that will give Palladium the greatest or best value for its money. The evaluation committee shall review the proposal received using the following weights:

Technical and Management Approach – 20:

  • Quality and benefits of the solution.
  • Quality of the performance metrics and measurement approach.
  • Risks associated with the solution.
  • Management approach and controls.
  • Management team (Quality and experience of key personnel).
  • Demonstrates strong understanding of the work required
  • Demonstrates knowledge of the global and Nigeria best practices in Universal Health Coverage, operationalizing insurance schemes, risk pooling, enrolment and payment processes.
  • Proposed activities are responsive to the RFP and are well thought out, organized and feasible.
  • List of deliverables with due dates/timelines.

Qualifications – 20:

  • Educational background with evidence of degrees
  • Professional qualifications (relevant to the consultancy) with certificates, licenses and other documentation
  • Technical competencies relevant to this consultancy.

Past performance – 10:

  • Evidence of quality of past work (letters of reference/recommendations, performance reviews)
  • Samples of work done (reports, publications)
  • Other evidence of quality of work and timeliness of work.

Past Experience – 20:

  • Key relevant achievements and capabilities
  • Previous work experience (long and short term) relevant to this assignment
  • Number of years of demonstrated practical and progressive experience
  • Past experience working or providing technical support and capacity building/mentoring to the government or non-governmental organizations.

Price – 30:

  • Financial proposal that includes cost per deliverable with total cost per deliverable broken down by: daily rate, travel, accommodation, per diem, material, communication (adherence to USAID cost principles – allowable, allocable and reasonable).

Total Possible – 100 Points:

  • Palladium reserves the right to award under this solicitation without further negotiations. The offerors are encouraged to offer their best terms and prices with the original submission.

Procurement Integrity and Ethics:

  • It is Palladium’s Policy that no gifts of any kind and of any value be exchanged between vendors/contractors and Palladium personnel. Discovery of the same will be grounds for disqualification of the vendor/contractor from participation in any Palladium’s procurements and may result in disciplinary actions against Palladium personnel involved in such discovered transactions.

How to Apply

Interested and qualified candidates / consultants are expected to submit both Technical and Financial bids and in two separate emails to: [email protected] stating as part of the subject matter of the email whether “Technical bid” or “Financial bid” and also quoting the RFP number as it appears on the cover page.

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The following items are required to be submitted as part of the proposal:

  • Technical Proposal & Management Approach including:

    • Personnel CV(s)
    • Past Experience Information/Capability Statement
    • Past Performance Information and Reference Information (Contact/Program Name etc)
    • Past Performance or Trade References; performance reviews

  • Financial Proposal detailing costs to be incurred with respect of the deliverables to be accomplished. Details of costs should be provided: daily rate/LOE, travel, accommodation, per diem, material, communication (adherence to USAID cost principles – allowable, allocable and reasonable and supported with evidence past rates). No lumpsum cost will be accepted.

Selected candidates will be required to sign certifications: Terrorism, Anti-Kick Back, Debarment, Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.


  • Please review the additional documentation and proposed contracts terms and conditions which should be given consideration when preparing your proposal. By submitting your bid, you will certify that you are in agreement with the contract terms and conditions as included in this solicitation and that all prices include all aspects of the required compliance with the terms and conditions of the proposed contract:

    • Attachment A: Due diligence form(s)
    • Attachment B: Sample Contract1

  • This contract is for individual awardees. If a company/firm is the successful tenderer, the template would be different:

    • Attachment C: Guide for obtaining DUNs number
    • Attachment D: Business Partner Code of Conduct

  • Any contract/purchase order resulting from this solicitation must be signed by both parties in order to be considered valid and in force. All costs associated with, but not limited to, production, preparation and/or delivery of goods or services, including deliveries, accepted by Palladium staff, without a fully executed (signed by both parties) contract/purchase order, are at the vendor’s risk only. Palladium shall not pay for any costs, without limitation, associated with production, preparation or delivery of goods and/or services under this or any other contract/purchase order, which has not been signed by both parties.
  • If your proposal is successful, you will be required to enter into the Company’s standard contract for the types of goods or services being provided. In the provision of the Goods and Services, you will be required to comply with the Company’s policies, including (without limitation) its Business Partner Code of Conduct and any relevant client terms and conditions. Potential suppliers must also comply with the Company’s Business Partner Code of Conduct in the submission of any proposals pursuant to this RFP.
  • If you are bidding as part of a joint venture, partnership or similar, please make this clear in your submission. Likewise, if you propose to subcontract any part of the goods or services provision, then disclose this fact within your submission. The Company may require additional information from you and approval for subcontracting will not be automatic as subcontractors will be subject to Palladium’s Due Diligence process and may be required to submit for USAID Partner Vetting.

Important Information / Notice

  • For more details concerning this consultancy and other associated application tools, please visit the link below:
  • Please follow the instructions as contained in the Request for Proposal (RFP) and submit your application.
  • Applications received will have a validity period of six months.
  • Thank you for your interest in the above procurement. As implementer for the Project, Palladium invites you to submit a proposal for the terms of reference below. Your proposal must be valid for the Validity Period.
  • Please submit your proposal in accordance with the Details for Submission above by the Closing Date and Time. This RFP in no way obligates Palladium to award a contract nor does it commit Palladium to pay any cost incurred in the preparation and submission of a proposal. Palladium bears no responsibility for data errors resulting from transmission or conversion processes.
  • We look forward to your response. If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact me by e-mail [email protected] Please reference the RFP number on the subject of the email.
  • Activity report any applicant can apply for any state of choice or multiple states of choice
  • Applications received will have a validity period of six months.