Front Desk and Administrative Officer at Physio Centers of Africa

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    Front Desk and Administrative Officer, Satellite Clinic

    • Job Type Full Time
    • Qualification BA/BSc/HND
    • Experience 5 years
    • Location Delta
    • Job Field Administration / Secretarial&nbsp , Customer Care&nbsp

    Unit: Clinic Operations : Administrative Department


    • Reports to – Hard Line: Main Regional Administrative Officer (e.g. ML reports to Administrative Officer VI) Dotted Line: Clinic Coordinator of designated clinic
    • Status Contract Staff in the first instance; Post Confirmation full time (unless transferred as full-time staff from another unit then current status remains in force)
    • Supervises: As appropriate. May include receptionists, technicians, cleaners and other junior staff

    Job Summary
    Front Office Management Customer and Reception Management:

    • Welcomes clients, vendors and visitors to the site by greeting them, in person or on the telephone; answering or directing inquiries as needed. Manages front desk by receiving packages and deliveries and ensures that the needful is done in terms of goods receipt. Knows when to call in clinic admin or finance on goods receipt management.
    • Frontline to explain to those enquiring what we do in the business and the products and services available. Link clients up with appropriate staff member for further information. Be able to suggest additional products and services as needed (promote availability of equipment, training, Care etc)
    • Work with clinic coordinator to plan and schedule appointments for new and recurring clients based on physiotherapists availability and ensuring appropriate physio team is assigned in view of patient’s needs and case load of available physiotherapists and HCP team.
    • Leverages electronic patient management system and Outlook to make appointments for clinic staff.
    • For HMO and insurance patients, ensure the appropriate process is followed for appointments, time allocation, Tech / PT assignment and follow-up on documentation and payment.
    • Provide clients with intake forms and other documents required. Ensures all clients are aware of appointment and payment guidelines prior to appointment and or receipt of service.
    • Assists physios by ensuring that therapy rooms, gym and other areas are ready for intake clients. Ensure the techs are appropriately assigned or directed to prepare site and patients.
    • Organizing and maintaining client files and records. Ensures availability of treatment information by filing and retrieving patient records. First line to ensure that ALL client information is available on intake forms and maintains the database of client contacts.
    • Maintains patient accounts by obtaining, recording, and updating personal and financial information.
    • Protects patients’ rights by maintaining confidentiality of personal and financial information.
    • Providing quality customer service, raising to the attention of his / her line manager and others any customer service issues and queries as well as supporting the resolution of issues. Ensure customer satisfaction surveys are completed. Provide clients with support and guidance as needed
    • Ensures that visitors log is kept, a tracking of number of appointments, new evaluations, purchases, goods received and other information is maintained and up to date.
    • Ensures that there is a customer service monitor and feedback by ensuring a smile – o – meter is given to every patient after their initial evaluation and at discharge.
    • Productivity Management o Ensuring that notes and documentation for patients are done on daily basis; report gaps to manager o Support the development of productivity dashboard for the assigned clinic e.g. appointments per PT, equipment sold etc.. Provide data for financial investor reports.
    • Responsible for ensuring all equipment to execute role is in good working order at all times. Reports faults in a timely manner and does the needful to ensure POS’s, phones, computers, telephones and IT systems are up to date and fully functional
    • Financial Support and Inventory Management:
    • Process payments from patients and ensure correct utilization of payments software and tools as well as the tools to record the financial transactions. Follow up to ensure payments have been received prior to treatment and provision of equipment sold
    • Support the Equipment sales, Home Care and PCA Way Academy business units operating within a center by taking orders and assisting on the execution of the order.
    • Ensure invoices and receipts after all purchases (physio, equipment etc) are issued as at when due.
    • Ensure invoicing is done, reminders done on payments by clients and working with finance and the clinic coordinator, ensures that payments / receivables are recovered from all customers especially on postpaid and HMO / insurance clients.
    • Maintains an up to date records of number of appointments, new evaluations, purchases and any other information required to access productivity.
    • Assist in raising requisitions as appropriate or purchases, maintenance of the respective clinic.

    Admin Support for Designated Clinic:

    • Ensures the contents of the home care bags are as per the policy and that the bag is kept in a safe place that is easily accessed when needed.
    • Maintains a register of PTs taking the bag on home visit and ensures the bag is returned with all contents intact
    • Provide any other support and analyses as may be directed by his/her line manager. Be a support on administrative duties as required.
    • Send / prepare newsletters, emails, birthday messages or any other communication to patient as may be required and directed.
    • Maintain the contacts database for vendors, suppliers, patients and HCP’s of the clinic and in the clinic vicinity by updating monthly with changes and additions. Provide such records to admin HQ, marketing, clinic heads and others as needed.
    • Back Office Management and Support Support the execution & Implementation of key administrative, human resources and finance policies of the company for the smooth running of designated clinic and receptionist as directed by his/her supervisor. This may include; reviewing, correcting, documenting, filing and ensuring the processes and policies for PCA Way Academy, PCA Care, Clinic Operations and PCA Independence Store are carried out correctly and as appropriate.
    • It is important to note that a clinic is the center of the PCA business, and all lines of the business come together in a clinic. This therefore implies that you will be asked to ensure enforcement and execution of the administrative requirements of all divisions are conducted according to policy. Duties include but are not limited to:
    • Maintains operations by following policies and procedures; reporting needed changes. Supports line managers, clinic coordinators, finance ED clinical excellence in ensuring that the culture of the company, its vision and mission and the 4C’s are implemented in the respective clinic.
    • General administrative support, communication, documentation, filing and schedule management, travel and PA duties of his/her principles in the clinic.
    • Preparation and or oversight of correspondence, communications and front desk /  reception management as pertains to the assigned clinic. This includes the management of technicians and receptionist.
    • Representation, Public Relations and Marketing Support as needed to support your executives and the PCA marketing and business development department in their pursuit of those activities. This may include supporting activations and other key activities of the clinic in question and supporting on:
      • Research, Data Analysis and Report / Document Preparation
      • Sending email blast / communication to HCP’s and patients
      • Records, contact and documentation management
    • Financial / Inventory Management duties including invoicing, payments, receivables follow up and reporting, and accounting team support in managing clinic inventory, assets and stock purchasing and management.
    • Raise requisitions for clinic purchases including diesel, consumables, petty cash. Manage petty cash and the requisitions for PT / HCP advances, transport and other necessary expenditures. Prepare a monthly budget for the clinic requirements and submit to your supervisor for approval.
    • Execute as required and unwind advance and petty cash requisitions.
    • Ensure that stock takes, asset counts and inventory management is done as at when due.
    • Be accountable for the contents of his / her clinic and ensuring the safekeeping of assets and the site.
    • Be facile enough on SAGE to ensure that invoices are correct, goods received notes and supplier invoices, credits are raised, supplier and system functionality and reports are maximised
    • Support the clinic coordinator in ensuring that reports are available for weekly EXCO meetings
    • Supervise and manage the vendors supporting your facility. This includes liaising with outsourced IT support to ensure systems work in your designated clinic.
    • Oversight of site management including liaising with landlords, ensuring office / site maintenance is done, power and all utilities are managed in the facility, etc. and equipment is maintained and repaired. Insurances and regulatory licenses must also be maintained and any incident, updates and renewals done as at when due. In Conjunction with the Clinic Coordinator ensure that the site is secure at all times.
    • Customer Service, vendor, HCP’s, stakeholder and patient records management. Ensure all are updated on a monthly basis and shared as at when needed with other departments. Ensure that we communicate effectively, maintain productivity and customer satisfaction dashboards.
    • Provide clerical and business support services to all divisions and work in hand with other administrative officers, HR and Finance in such duties. Support your clinic head and front desk in ensuring that patient documentation is up to date. Support the heads of other divisions in ensuring needed actions for the subdivisions are completed in your facility

    Competency and Skills Requirements
    Critical Characteristics:

    • Knowledge of customer service delivery
    • Confirmed in administrative officer duties
    • Bookkeeping and use of accounting software
    • Has an entrepreneurial spirit and must be willing to take risk
    • Be willing to grow with the business and be adventurous
    • A problem solver and can work independently
    • Someone not concerned with hierarchy and ready to roll up sleeves
    • Good multitasking capabilities
    • Good analytical and problem-solving skills
    • Good time management skills and a team player
    • Proficiency in the use of Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel and other spreadsheet applications
    • Presentation capability

    Generic Skills:

    • Ability to work well under pressure
    • Very good interpersonal and team skills
    • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
    • Customer focus
    • Client relations
    • Strong organizational skills and exposure to managing others

    Minimum Qualifications:

    • HND or B. Sc.
    • Minimum of 5 years’ experience in similar roles
    • Previous familiarity with accounting software
    • Strong capability with Microsoft Suite

    Method of Application

    Interested and qualified candidates should send their Applications to: [email protected] using the “Job title” as subject of the email.

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