Graphic Designer at Gidi Mobile Ltd

Gidi Mobile Ltd. is a mission driven company (based in Lagos), focused on delivering livelihoods at scale by deploying programs through the most revolutionary approach to learning. We bring together a vibrant and diverse community of individuals willing to learn and seize their future.

We are in search of a Graphic Designer, who will work for a 3-month period with a team of exceptional young people and will be presented with a unique opportunity to influence lives at scale while transforming learning.

You are a good fit for this role if:

  • You are that Jack of all trades kind of guy or babe – master of some. You can produce graphics, videos and GIFs with a high level of craft and attention to detail.
  • You have done this before. Don’t worry about the number of years. Let your portfolio be the judge.
  • You thrive despite the pressure of a fast-paced modern tech company.
  • You can execute from start to finish all alone. Definitely! But you also believe you don’t know it all so feedback from team members is your fuel.
  • While we would prefer expertise in Adobe CC Apps (Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Premier Pro), if you are in the ‘Tools don’t matter’ club, bring it on! And not to forget, we appreciate good work ethics. You deliver before deadlines right?

Then, kindly send in your application and show us all these plus lots more!

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