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      1. Port Facility Officer
      2. Facility Protection – Security Officer
      3. Security Consultant

    Port Facility Officer

    • Job TypeFull Time  
    • QualificationBA/BSc/HND  
    • Experience
      10 years
    • Location
    • Job Field
      Oil and Gas / Energy  
      Security / Intelligence  

    Position Type: Rotational

    Job Description

    • The Port Facility Officer is responsible for security matters regarding the FPSO. He shall be given necessary support by OIM and the Maritime Operations Center, ONNE, to carry out his duties and responsibilities. These shall include but not limited to:
    • Conduct an initial comprehensive survey of the port facility taking into account the relevant port facility security assessment
    • The implementation and application of all measures designed to protect the FPSO, exporting tankers, supply vessels, persons and cargo from the risk of security incident
    • Liaise with appropriate governmental officials regarding security matters
    • Responsible for the development / implementation of site security plans in liaison with an appointed RSO
    • Conduct onsite security surveys with an appointed RSO
    • Conduct security audits weekly
    • Analyze  security situations and developments and advise the OIM accordingly
    • Take a lead role in security related incidents
    • Maintains and develops updates on field security as appropriate
    • Collates and distributes all necessary security information to relevant persons accordingly
    • Works hand-in-hand with the A/PFSO in ensuring that all requirements of he ISPS code are met and implemented on FPSO
    • Prepares a daily security report
    • Plan the activities of the security team
    • Set up security assets and ensure their permanent availability at all times
    • To evaluate security risks that may undermine the safe operations of assets / personnel in the OML 130 with a view to proffer adequate advice
    • Organizing individual and collective training sessions for the security team and all personnel on the FPSO
    • Supervise the security infrastructure on the FPSO and its immediate surroundings
    • Working closely with all stakeholders to address security concerns that can impact on the FPSO
    • Supervision of security trainings and record keeping process onboard the FPSO
    • Provide security inductions and ISPS Code awareness training for new arrivals
    • Dissemination of security information to employees, respective exporting tankers an contractors on as as-needed basis
    • Enforcement of security guidelines an regulations
    • Providing the A/FPSO with al necessary information required to comply with the security plan
    • Implementation and exercise the PFSP
    • Ensuring that security equipment are properly operated, calibrated and maintained, coordinating lockdown of the FPSO during emergencies

    Job Requirements

    • B.Sc/BA or equivalent
    • ISPS Code specialist
    • Certified PFSO ( Port Facility Security Officer )
    • Experience in maritime industry and security
    • Local Knowledge of the environment
    • Experience in Oil & Gas facilities at supervisory lever
    • Preferable retired military officer of 10 years experience.

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    Facility Protection – Security Officer

    • Job TypeFull Time  
    • QualificationBA/BSc/HND  
    • Location
    • Job Field
      Oil and Gas / Energy  
      Security / Intelligence  

    Position: Residental

    Job Description
    Organize Facility Protection activities:

    • Develop team work and internal client-supplier relationships; resolve conflicts
    • Contribute to the design and maintenance o technical security infrastructure: ACS & CCTV system
    • Manage the operational use of the ACS/CCTV system
    • Contribute to evaluation of needs & capabilities ( owner: security manager )
    • Set-up of area facility protection work instruction, patrol plans, etc
    • Assign facility protection responsibilities inside area
    • Ensure mobilization of human resources ( Posting real Vs plan )
    • Ensure correct functioning of Armed Response Service
    • Basic professional training of security personnel ( on work instructions, good practices, etc. )
    • Conduct VPSHR training for contracted security

    Supervise facility Protection:

    • Access control operations & manned Guarding
    • Execution of patrols and reporting by team leader(s) daily report
    • Review of facility Protection measures, wearing of badge by POB (in work areas), fencing integrity, alarm systems, etc
    • Organise, conduct and evaluate armed response drills
    • Provide oversight for incident management involving expatriate staff.

    Report facility Protection performance:

    • Security breaches/ incidents (POB without badge, guard missing, downgraded fencing, intrusions, robbery, blackmail, etc)
    • Process follow-up data (patrol completion real vs plan, etc)
    • Report facility Protection performance indicators
    • Conduct investigations into security incidents, provide feedback & lessons learned.

    Participate to Area security performance meeting:

    • Report security plan status – Facility Protection
    • Conduct security audits of new locations and occasional use-sites

    Job Requirements

    • B.Sc/ Equivalent military academic qualifications
    • Experience: Police or military background with sufficient experience of work in industrial security of oil & Gas industry
    • Essential skills: Personal leadership skills, time management, relationship and team building, problem solving, good initiative and good decision making skills are essential.

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    Security Consultant

    • Job TypeFull Time  
    • QualificationBA/BSc/HND  
    • Experience
      10 years
    • Location
    • Job Field
      Security / Intelligence  

    Position: Residental

    Job Description

    Contribute to Area Security governance & management ( Owner: Security Manager):

    • Build a comprehensive knowledge & understanding of Group & TUCN security referential (DG SUR, CMS)
    • Develops area security management system (CMS, work instructions etc.) with Security line management.
    • Controls compliance of area security operations ( field visits, security audits, vetting facilities, etc. )
    • Carries out ad hoc missions assigned by management ( VIP visit organization, technical problem solving, etc. )
    • Coordinates area security performance reporting ( security plan status, security events, key performance indicators, action log )
    • Delivers basic professionals training to area security management ( on security referential, good practices, etc. )
    • Manage projects related to the security department

    Contributes to Area Security Risk Assessment & Threat evaluation:

    • Correspondent with Corporate Security Advisor and French official entities
    • Production and reporting of area threat analysis & evaluation
    • Facilitates Security Risk Assessments meetings and adjustments of security plan

    Key contributor to Emergency response Management:

    • Priority: secure & protect  POB category A – up to repatriation if need be

    Responsible for area POB control:

    • Updates responsibilities for POB report within District Area with management approval (DMD/ED, Asset Mgr, Security Mgr/RSES)
    • Follow -up area POB Cat. A (in/out)
    • Delivers on time 7 in full area and district POB reports (consolidation from POB focal points)
    • Responsible for area security induction & training (POB Cat. )

    Job Requirements

    • Cf. DSUR criteria. E.g. 10 years military experience in field operations abroad
    • Essential skills: Personal leadership, time management, relationship and team building, problem solving, good initiative  and good decision making skills.

    Method of Application

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