Livelihoods Market Assessment Consultant (Nigerian nationals only)

Country: Nigeria
Organization: Idmibok International
Closing date: 25 May 2020

Idmibok International, also known as 360 HSDC is a health community-based organization registered in Nigeria, that works in a targeted yet comprehensive manner to address critical health, institutional and development related issues. 360 HSDC achieves this by collaborating with global and local development and private entities, such as governments, bilateral and multilateral donors, nongovernmental organizations and the private sector. The organization has a multifaceted team of experts with proficiency and experience in emergency environments, humanitarian activities and development in diverse environments and ecosystems, globally and across Africa, including in South Sudan, and extensively in Nigeria. **

Job Overview

This position is for a proposal the organization is working on. For this assignment, the consultant will undertake research to map the market systems and identify market opportunities for skills, products and gaps where the organization can support through conducting of baseline surveys, interviews, and field visits. This study is intended to provide information on predicted future economic and market opportunities to allow women and youth to be adequately positioned. It is further intended that, at the same time as identifying opportunities, the study will identify the real barriers and requirements to accessing these opportunities. In the new areas where the organization has not been intervening the consultant will assess market functionality to review the feasibility of cash-based interventions and small business development.


· Investigate the micro and small enterprise markets in Borno and Adamawa States in order to identify or influence those economic sectors/sub-sectors with the highest potential for women and youth enterprises to be developed by the Livelihoods Project implemented by the organization

· Review the market system related challenges and opportunities on the organization’s current Small Business Development programme and provide market support recommendations to enhance productivity and viability based on market assessment results

· Conduct market assessment to assess the feasibility of Cash and Voucher Assistance (CVA) in the organization’s new locations in relation to business cash grants and other CVA modalities

· Assess Livelihood assets and strategies i.e. activities that IDP, returnee and host community households undertake to achieve their livelihood goals keeping into account that livelihood strategies are used differently by men and women, and strategies change over time.

· Assess and identify existing and potential marketable opportunities for SME within the target area, targeting various sectors of the economy.

· Yield an updated analysis of the policy, legal and institutional context which includes government policies, laws and regulations, and international instruments that can support livelihoods: i.e. employment markets, services and commodities, financial and social institutions.

· Review and update if there is change in the government of Nigeria’s overall approach, policy and strategy towards Micro Small and Medium Enterprises in both rural and urban areas.

· Analyse on-going and planned economic activities of IDPs, returnees and host communities: Self-employment or microenterprise; casual labour and regular labour.

· Analysis of the major constraints for women and youth in pursuing their identified business opportunities in Borno and Adamawa states, with a particular focus on gender constraints.

· Identify potential marketing outlets, including relevant trade flows, procedures and regulations, mainly in the project area.

· Provide information to acquire an understanding of dynamic market conditions and the sources of potential youth employment growth within the community and surrounding areas to enable youth to evaluate local market realities in order to make a skill and livelihood selection.

· Update the list of viable small businesses in the organization’s operational areas based on but not limited to factors such as payback period, returns per dollar/naira invested, start-up capital required, profit or loss after payback, and seasonality.

· Review the performance of small businesses supported by market dynamics

· Recommend sustainable market strategies for small businesses supported by the organization based on the performance review in relation to the market system

· Recommend market system development interventions to enhance the sustainability of viable small businesses identified and the current assisted small businesses.

· In the new locations, assess to determine whether existing local markets are functioning and the extent to which they are elastic and competitive; whether they are easily accessible (physically as well as socially); if commodities/services are available in sufficient quantities and at a realistic price to be able to support other cash-based transfer modalities and business cash grant support.

Key Results

· An updated and ranked list of viable existing or new businesses for women and youth as a separate category with a special focus on SMEs that need capital to re-start-up after the insurgency and economic impacts. The consultant will also identify business opportunities that can generate high levels of employees in order to employ semi-skilled or low skilled youth.

· A documented marketing approach for the entrepreneurs/small businesses supported by the organization to independently address the market system related challenges

· List of recommendations for markets system development programmes based on the findings to enhance the sustainability of small businesses supported by the organization

· Mapping of operational areas reflecting the functionality of markets in the new areas of operation (Gwoza, Bama, Chibok, Askira Uba).


Advanced Degree in Economics, Marketing, Development Studies/Business Management, Social Sciences or other related fields.

· Experience in Small Business Development Programmes, Market Systems Development and CVA programmes.

· Proven experience in Market Assessments carried out is an added advantage

· At least 5 years’ experience in monitoring, quality control and institutional capacity building efforts and development projects, preferably in post-conflict countries

· A demonstrated understanding and analytical capacity in the identification of issues relating to indicators of performance in development projects.

· Excellent report writing skills and ability to meet deadlines

· Demonstrated expertise and experience in participatory qualitative and quantitative research methods.

· Familiar with current and past socio-economic-political and cultural dynamics of North East Nigeria

· Excellent written and communication skills in English, knowledge of Hausa and other local languages will be an added advantage

How to apply:

Interested and qualified candidates should send their CV, Cover letter (addressing previous related work and how you intend to carry out this project) and Certificates to: [email protected] with Job Title as the subject, e.g “Livelihoods Market Assessment Consultant”**

Only Nigerian nationals or people with a Nigerian work permit can apply, as sponsorship will not be offered for this position.

Note: Applications are encouraged from all qualified candidates without distinction on grounds of race, color, sex, national origin, age, religion, disability, sexual orientation and gender identity.

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