Malaria Program Manager NMEP

Country: Nigeria
Organization: Chemonics
Closing date: 26 Jan 2021


Position Title: Malaria Program Manager NMEP

Location: Abuja, Nigeria

This scope of work (SOW) sets forth the services to be provided by the Malaria Program Manager to SAII Associates Ltd/Gte, an associate company of Chemonics International Inc. in the implementation of the USAID Global Health Supply Chain — Procurement and Supply Management (GHSCPSM) in Nigeria.

Background: Over the past 5 years, the USAID in collaboration with the Global Fund (GF), have provided technical assistance through its implementing partners to the National Malaria Elimination program (NMEP). This support has involved commodity provision, remote technical assistance for program implementation as well as personnel embedment/ dedicated service through the PSM mechanism. The Malaria Program Manager will work very closely with the GHSC-PSM central Teams to harmonize commodity data and status update ensuring commodity visibility for the national malaria program; NMEP and other stakeholders. S/he will be responsible for facilitating an enabling environment for strengthening and institutionalizing supply chain systems within the PSM branch of the NMEP. The Manager will also support day-to-day PSM activities including developing systems, commodity forecasting and supply planning, individual and organizational capacity development to implement PSM activities and coordination of key stakeholders within the Roll Back malaria partnership.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities:

Manage the central Malaria Team to harmonize and analyze malaria commodity data for updates and informed decisions to the client and all stakeholders

Provide strategic embedment support with focus placed on systems strengthening rather than working on specific individual programs

Influencing strategic decisions through input into policy development / reviews, institutional and human capacity development, and tool / process development

Provide technical support for institutional and individual capacity building

Coordinate the Drug Management Unit of Malaria Program Department in monitoring shipments and in-country pipelines to provide regular update

Facilitate the supply of data and necessary information to the PSM Branch of NMEP to ensure National visibility into the supply chain activities in the program.

Coordinate the Malaria commodities Migration (starting with ACT and SP) to the Drug Revolving Drug (DRF) mechanism in the eleven PMI-supported States

Develop more synergistic working relationships with the government and across the health programs and agencies including the national level LMCU task team and other key NPSCMP workstreams

Support the development and monitoring the implementation of annual operational plans and departmental workplans and support on the roll out of LMCU State strategies

Conduct root cause analysis to identify bottlenecks & opportunities and map processes to facilitate the development of a process improvement plan

Facilitate central collaboration efforts between Government of Nigeria (GON) at the NMEP, donors and relevant Stakeholders in PSM activities and develop strategies to foster collaboration in procurement planning, shipment tracking, distribution, monitoring and supervision, LMIS reporting & information management.

Support the NMEP routine meetings of procurement and supply management coordination working groups and committees.

Support the NMEP and the principal recipients in building a system and planning for national forecasting and supply planning (quantification) exercise; participate and provide technical guidance on building assumptions during the exercise.

Provide technical assistance in pipeline monitoring to states and service delivery points.

Support the National Malaria Program in improving malaria logistics data quality and visibility from the National to LGA levels particularly as it relates to National Health Logistics Management Information System NHLMIS.

Deliberate on emerging issues pertaining drug management and proffer solutions.

Provide technical assistance for the use of relevant malaria data for planning and decision making.

Support Government agencies PSM led activities in collaboration with other partners in supply chain management harmonization efforts across health programs and identify synergies, efficiencies and supply chain performance improvement targets.

Provide technical contribution to quarterly and annual reports for submission to GON, donors and Partners for the Program or Project

Carry out other appropriate duties as assigned


Applicants for these positions should possess the following minimum qualifications:

An advanced degree in Public Health, Pharmacy, Supply Chain management or Business Administration.

Certification with relevant professional bodies in Supply Chain Management.

Seven Years of professional experience in Health Program Management.

At least one-year proven experience in managing Public Health programs or projects in Nigeria or similar countries in West Africa.

Demonstrated ability to monitor, supervise, and train in health service programs.

Extensive knowledge of the Nigerian Public Health sector

Strong analytical and problem-solving skills.

Excellent technical writing and oral presentation skills.

Knowledge of Microsoft office, including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

Ability and willingness to travel to Program or Project Supported states within Nigeria.

A proven ability to Manage a team and to be self-managing.

Excellent organizational and time management skills and strong attention to detail.

Ability to work independently and to manage various projects daily with minimal supervision.


The Malaria Program Manager NMEP will report directly to the Malaria Director

Working Conditions/Duration of Assignment

This is a long-term position for the life of the contract based in Abuja, Nigeria.

How to apply:

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