Officer to the ED at Ventures Platform

Ventures Platform – We are a leading source of capital, capacity building, support and advocacy for under-served entrepreneurs, communities and institutions, enabling them enhance the creation of wealth and development in Africa. We are an impact-driven tribe, thinking people first at all times.

We are recruiting to fill the position below:

Job Title: Office of the ED

Location: Abuja

Job Duration: 6 Months Fellowship


  • This role provides strategic technical and administrative support to the ED with an emphasis on research, feasibility assessment, project management, operational review, analysis, and technical documentation.

Jobs to be Done

  • Carry out all research, feasibility assessment and analysis as required by the office of the Executive Director
  • Create technical documentation – including, presentation and proposals as and when required
  • Review technical documents forwarded to the office of the Executive Director and recommend actions points
  • Provide business support services as and when required by the office of the ED
  • Review documents on behalf of the ED, make updates and corrections with a clear understanding of the ED’s perspective.
  • Acts as an expediter for the ED with other internal and external stakeholders
  • Acts as an expediter for all internal and external stakeholders with the ED
  • Provides input to technical studies/research projects, technical reports, project planning, etc.
  • Produces accurate statistics, relevant figures and data for decision making
  • Gathers information, elicits requirements and monitors all relevant media trends, topics and channels providing necessary strategic information to the ED
  • Supports Executive Director with project management, project oversight, status management, task management and support duties
  • Advice the ED to enable him takes vital decisions on technical and non-technical matters.
  • Liaises with external stakeholders on behalf of the ED
  • Schedules and attends meetings (with and on behalf of) and takes minutes with a clear focus on objectives, next steps and progress tracking.
  • Follows up on all tasks and projects that report to the office of the ED and the ED.
  • Liaises with all Directorates on-behalf of the ED.
  • Maintains a birds-eye view of all on-going projects and activities and provides support to the ED for effective management of same.
  • Prepares daily, weekly, quarterly and annual technical reports.
  • Provide customer relationship management support and assists the ED on managing all high-level customer and stakeholder relationships.
  • Receives Internal Memorandum sent to the office of the ED and handle, follow-up, reply and file accordingly.
  • Represent the company with clients, contractors and vendor partners
  • Makes enquiries to provide the ED with in-depth understating for decision-making and follows through on all assigned tasks.
  • Liaises with internal and external stakeholders to assist ED in decision-making.

Skills & Requirements

Other Requirements:

  • High level of confidentiality, decorum and staying power.
  • Outstanding competencies in using Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint.
  • Knowledge and experience in the entrepreneurship space
  • Excellent presentation, facilitation and communication skills.
  • Strong negotiation and contracting skills.
  • Must be highly organized with extraordinary attention to detail.
  • Excellent customer orientation, entrepreneurial flair, analytical skills, commercial knowledge and business acumen.
  • Must demonstrate the ability to work excellently independently or in a team.
  • Understanding of role expectations and be knowledgeable of same
  • Exhibit a high level of maturity
  • Great sense of loyalty to the Foundation
  • Understand the VPF objectives and be passionate about what we do
  • Personal growth ambitions must be aligned with the work we do at the Foundation
  • Knowledge and experience in the entrepreneurship space

Knowledge Skills & Experience:

  • Knowledge and experience of corporate culture
  • Outstanding leadership and influencing skills.
  • Must have the ability to act quickly and pragmatically under pressure to priorities and resolve issues.
  • Willingness to work extra hours to achieve excellent results.
  • Must possess high levels of confidentiality and information security.
  • Strong business ethics and high level of integrity.

The VP Fellowship

  • … is the start of a journey towards building a successful career by acquiring the skills, attributes, and values such as positive impact, innovation, excellence, integrity and shared success.
  • … is focused on forging a community of talents needed to drive innovative solutions around creating sustainable wealth in Africa.
  • …is a community of Fellows bound by the same values and a shared commitment to creating an Africa that gives to the world by constantly holding each other accountable to its vision.

The Fellowship program will run for a dedicated period of 6months during which participants will be actively involved in executing real-life projects at the Foundation, access career coaching in the form of mentorship and scorecard evaluations, and access learning opportunities. Participants will be expected to work full time through the duration of the internship and will be bound by the policies and procedures of the Foundation.

What will you learn?

  • Program Design
  • Program execution
  • Monitoring & Evaluation
  • Grant writing
  • Research report creation
  • Budgeting
  • Client engagement
  • Story Telling
  • Technical Writing
  • Big picture thinking

Participants would also learn relevant soft skills in entrepreneurship, listening to understand, collaboration, logical reasoning, and design thinking amongst others, as these are valuable critical skills sets, needed to succeed in our today’s world.

Who is the VP Fellowship for?

The fellowship is for young talented people:

  • Who are everything African Development enthusiasts,
  • Who are passionate and have a track record of creating positive impact
  • Whose personal growth ambitions are aligned with the kind of work that we do at the Foundation.
  • Who have a good understanding and experience of the entrepreneurship/ development space.
  • Exhibit a high level of maturity
  • Who have done projects at some point in their lives
  • Great sense of loyalty and is willing to put in the work required through the duration of the Fellowship.
  • Who reside in Abuja