Request for Proposals For the Renovation of Big Qua Community Primary Healthcare Centre at Mediatrix Development Foundation

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    Request for Proposals For the renovation of Big Qua Community Primary Healthcare Centre, Calabar, Cross River State

    • Job Type Full Time
    • Qualification
    • Experience
    • Location Cross River
    • Job Field Building and Construction&nbsp , Consultancy&nbsp


    • The contractor shall be responsible for any damage to the nearby buildings or outsider or employee of the contractor during the course of construction.
    • The contractor shall be responsible for repair of works under the contract by guaranteeing material quality and good workmanship for 1year after work delivery.
    • The contractor shall carry out the construction smoothly and comply with good techniques and if any part does not show in the drawings but be the part concerning good technique,
    • the contractor shall request for the consent of the engineer.
    • Please note that the site engineers shall not be held responsible for any failure during and after constructions for jobs not supervised by him.
    • Note that the quantities herein are subject to variations during construction.
    • Concrete steel reinforcement steel shall be plane bars which has never been used before and shall be without any rust or coated with any alien materials, dirt coated on surface Shall
    • be eliminated before use. The yield point shall not be less than 2,400 KCS/cm2. For round bar and not less than 4,000KGS/Cm3 for deformed.
    • The distance of bending at the end shall have diameter of the smallest part being equal to 5 times of the diameter of the steel, measuring from steel half circle shape at least 4 times of
    • the diameter of the steel and shall not be less than 5cm. for the 90 degree bending, the part protruding from the bending shall be at least 18 times of the diameter of the steel and shall
    • not be less than 10cm.
    • Portland cement shall be of elephant brand or equivalent product. Others be approved by the Engineer.
    • Sand shall be fresh water sand, strong, sharp and not fragile. It shall be clean without other materials which may endanger concrete. It shall be tested with sodium hydroxide 3%
    • according to the standard test, having value of fineness modulus between 2.75 – 3.25.
    • Gravel shall be clean, strong and not fragile. To be without Other material which may endanger concrete. It shall be well graded, that is in volume. There shall be not more than
    • 20%of the gravels with length over 3 times of other sides of the gravel.
    • Water use for mixing must be clean water without any tastes, smell, oil, acid, base, salt, sugar and any other organic material.
    • The contractor shall send mixed design, inspected and approved by the Engineer before carrying out concrete works, together with reports on the test of 3 samples of cylinder
    • concrete of 15cm. However, the design Engineer shall have the right to collect new cylinder concrete during concrete casting if there is any doubt in concrete quality.
    • No concrete of more than 30 minutes mixing shall not be deposited or the depositing of concrete about to be set or concrete with other aliens mixing shall not be allowed.
    • The bracing of form work shall be strong and neat. After taking out, it shall not bend too much. If there are holes or curbs, they shall first be corrected and made surface smooth. If
    • they are plugged with cement of the ratio of 1:3 for cement and sand, the surface should be smoothened.
    • The concrete shall not be taken out until after completing schedule for concrete deposition not exceeding 2 days for poles, beams and walls.
    • The wall thickness of the blocks shall not be more than 225mm for external walls and 150mm for internal walls.
    • The minimum crushing strength of the block is to be 2.0N/mm of gross area of solid block after 28days.


    • All the works shall be completed within the duration stated by the awarded contract. The contractor should inform the client of any circumstance specifically force majeure should it
    • seem to affect contractor’s project implementation. Any other delays will make the contractor liable to the penalty equivalent to 0.1% of the total contract sum for each calendar day of
    • delay.
    • Any changes or activity not included in the construction documents that deemed necessary should be approved by MDF prior execution
    • The contractor is not allowed to subcontract or in any way work contrary to MDF standards.

    The contractor/Mason/Carpenter will be terminated from continuing performing the stated work when,

    • The contractor performs his work unsatisfactorily/below the required standard as per the given documents or instructions or MDF standards.
    • The contractor subcontracts the works.
    • The contractor receives or gives bribes.
    • The contractor shows unbearable misbehavior including insulting languages, forceful fighting etc.

    Under these circumstances,
    The evaluation of the work will be done by an Engineer, the contractor will be paid as per the percentage of the work completed. For the remaining percentage of works a new contractor will be
    contractually engaged (The second runner or from the available ones in an urgent situation) to finish the remaining work.


    Method of Application

    CLOSING DATE AND TIME: THURSDAY 30th APRIL 2020 – 17:00 hrs.

    No 2 Moore Road Calabar, Cross River State

    Mediatrix’s Office, Along St. Thomas Aquinas Road opp. Fanag Gas behind Montaji Filling Station,
    Okuku Road. Ogoja, Cross River State

    Under no circumstances should a vendor pay MDF or an MDF Staff Member for the submission of a quotation, bid or proposal or for the fulfilment of a contract. This include non-cash gifts or favors to
    Staff Members. Be aware that if such payment or non-gifts or favors are made, it would result in the immediate termination of the vendor agreement or contract and the vendor would be disqualified
    from further Request for Quotations/Invitations to Bid/Request for Proposals with MDF. You are advised to read and understand the Mediatrix Code of Conduct for Vendors.
    It is strongly recommended that this Request for Proposal document and its annexes be read thoroughly. Failure to observe the procedures laid out therein may result in disqualification from the
    evaluation process.
    Note: this advert is not to be construed in any way as an offer to contract with your firm.

    Bidders are required to submit any request for clarification in respect of this RFP by e-mail to [email protected]
    The deadline for receipt of questions is 14:00 hrs. on 17th April 2020.

    Please note that Bid Submissions are not to be sent to the e-mail addresses above. Failure to comply with this provision may result in disqualification. MDF will reply to the questions received as soon as
    possible by email to all invited bidders.

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