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Importance of a Cover Letter

The importance of a cover letter cannot be overemphasized, a cover letter usually would be sent along side your CV for most applications though some recruiters might not request for it. The cover letter helps to provide more information about how your skills and education aligns with the post you are applying for and tells […]

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Would You Consider Remote Job Opportunities?

Since 2019, Remote Job Opportunities became more and more available, companies are hiring more remote staff. In as much as this type of job has become increasingly popular yet not everyone would want to work remotely. So would you consider remote job opportunities?. In this post we would be discussing some advantages and some disadvantages […]

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Reasons to apply for Graduate Trainee programs

You must have seen some adverts by companies for Graduate Trainee programs. In this post we shall be discussing reasons to apply for these programs. To gain experience If you are a recent graduate, then graduate programs can really be of help as this type of recruitment in most cases do not require years of […]

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Jobs you can do while waiting to for a full-time job

During full-time job search You might be a student who just graduated from the University and waiting to get your first job or you might simply have taken a break for various reasons which might be for  studying, family, medical etc but now need to get back to working and while submitting job applications you […]

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